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Test and Experiment


The international standard we carrying out for commenting upon the fun ction of oilfilters and for producing filtering test equipment are a s follows

ISO2941-2009 Hydraulic fluid power—filter element –Verification of collapse resistance

ISO2942-2004 Hydraulic fluid power—filter element –Verification of fabrication integrity

ISO2943-1998 Hydraulic fluid power—filter element –Verification of material compatibility with fluid

ISO3723-1976 Hydraulic fluid power—filter element –Method for end load test

ISO3724-2007 Hydraulic fluid power—filter element –Verification of flow fatigue characteristics

ISO3968-2001 Hydraulic fluid power—filters  – Evaluation of differential pressure versus flow characteristics

ISO16889-2008 Hydraulic fluid power—filter –Multi-pass method for evaluating performance.


1.Filter(hydraulic,fuel ,oil,filter material )passing through repeating test

8.Filter(hydraulic,fuel ,oil,filter material )pressure differential test

9.Filter(hydraulic,fuel ,oil,filter material )fluid resistance test

10.Filter and material core testing experiment

11.Fuel particles test

12.Filter material air flow rate test