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Maintenance of Air Filter

Air compressor three filters (air filter, oil filter, oil separator) are important components of the air compressor, so it is necessary to carry out effective maintenance and maintenance. Here are the maintenance and maintenance methods for the three filters.


Maintenance of air filter

The function of the air filter is to filter out the large particles of dust and dirt contained in the inhaled air, and send the filtered clean air to the compression chamber of the screw rotor for compression. Since the internal cavity gap of the screw air compressor is only allowed to filter out particles within 15 μm. If it is exceeded, it will easily cause the air filter to be blocked and damaged. A large amount of particles larger than 15μm will enter the air compressor to circulate, which not only greatly shortens the service life of the oil filter and oil separator, but also causes a large amount of particles to directly enter the bearing cavity, accelerating bearing wear and making the rotor gap. Increase, compression efficiency is reduced, and even the rotor is stuck.

1. It is best to maintain the air filter once a week. First, unscrew the gland bolts, take out the air filter, and use 0.2-0.4Mpa compressed gas to blow out the dust particles on the outer surface of the air filter. The rag wipes the dirt on the inner wall of the air filter case, and replaces the air filter element. Note that the seal ring at the front end of the air filter element should be closely attached to the inner end surface of the air filter case.

2. The air filter core machine should be replaced after 500 hours of running-in period. It should be replaced once every 1,000-1500 hours. If the operating environment of the screw air compressor is particularly bad, such as mine, ceramics factory, cotton mill, etc., it is recommended to replace the air every 500 hours. Filter element.


3. When cleaning or replacing the air filter element, the parts must be checked one by one to prevent foreign matter from falling into the intake valve. 

4. In daily maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the intake and extension tube is damaged or not, and whether the connection between the extension tube and the air filter inlet valve is loose or leaking. If found, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time.