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How to Repair and Maintain Air Compressor (Part 2)

How to Repair and Maintain Air Compressor (Part 2)

II. Clean Cooler:

Every time the air compressor runs for about 2000h, in order to remove the dust on the cooling surface, it is necessary to open the sweep hole cover of the cooler on the fan bracket and purge the cooler with a dust blowing air gun until the dust on the cooling surface is purged clean.If the dirt on the cooling surface is serious and it is difficult to blow clean, the cooler can be removed, the oil in the cooler is poured out and the four inlet and outlet are closed to prevent dirt from entering, and then the dust on both sides is blown with compressed air or washed with water, and finally the water stains on the surface are blown dry.Put it back in place.Remember that!Do not use iron brush and other hard objects to scrape dirt, so as not to damage the surface of the radiator.

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III. Discharge of condensed water:

Moisture in the air may condense in the oil and gas separation tank, especially in wet weather, when the exhaust temperature is below the pressure dew point of the air or when the machine is shut down for cooling, there will be more condensed water precipitation.Too much water in the oil will cause the emulsification of lubricating oil, affecting the safe operation of the machine, such as: resulting in poor lubrication of the compressor host;The separation effect of oil and gas becomes worse, and the pressure difference of oil and gas separator becomes larger.Cause the parts to rust.Therefore, the condensed water discharge schedule should be formulated according to the humidity situation.

Discharge method of condensate water: it should be carried out after the machine stops, there is no pressure in the oil-gas separation tank, the condensate is fully cooled, and the condensate is fully precipitated, such as before starting the machine in the morning.

(a)screw out the ball valve front plug at the bottom of the oil and gas separation tank.

(b) slowly open the ball valve drainage, until there is oil flow out, close the ball valve.

(c) screw on the ball valve before the plug.

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