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New products with the newest technology have been successfully developed

New products with the newest technology have been successfully developed

Air oil separator for air compressor has always been the main research project and advantage product of our company. After more than a year of research and efforts, the new product has been successfully developed.


Congratulations on the successful development and production of our new products, which are made with the newest technology, the newest materials and the newest manufacturing machines. All end covers, filter materials and glue, Coolworks Filter chooses the most advanced materials, which can be described as the highest configuration. The expected service life of these oil separators is more than 5000 hours.

This technology can be applied to the following part numbers, air compressor Oil Separator replaced for:

Hitachi: 59031060 59031070 59031080 59031090 52533020 52553020

Mitsuiseiki: 7210404080700

Kobelco: P-CE03-572 P-CE03-573 P-CE03-555-04 P-CE03-577 P-CE03-578 P-CE03-595 P-CE03-596

And other oil separators which have the same process.


At present, this kind of products has entered the mass production stage.

In order to celebrate the success of the new product development, For this series of products, we have a discount policy, by September 30, buy 9, get one free, please consult us for details:

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We invite new and old customers to check the quality, filtration effect and service life of our new products.

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August, 2021