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It's Another Mid-Autumn Festival at Coolworks Filter

We wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

It's another Mid-Autumn Festival at Coolworks Filter, which means another good harvest. We have gained another year's experience in the production of filter elements.

The point is, Coolworks Filter is a professional air compressor filters manufacturer, providing a variety of customized services.

With the continuous accumulation of experience, Coolworks Filter has produced more and more specially customized filter elements, some with thickened flange, some with stiffeners, some with fixed strips, some with protruding bottom cover, and some with printed customer LOGO.

Of course, regular products ( oil separators, air filters, oil filters) are already mass-produced and sold in large quantities, and some are on stand-by in warehouses, ready to be shipped.

Next, introduce several recently produced oil filter elements, part number:

DB2012  DB2074  DB2130  DB2132

250028-244  250034-082  250034-085  250034-086  250034-087

250034-112  250034-114  250034-116  250034-122  250034-124  250034-130

P-CE03-596  P-CE03-595  P-CE03-573  P-CE03-572  P-CE03-577  P-CE03-578

3221109091  3221112131  3221112250  5021108100  5021108151

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