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Air filter Technology note

In different locations and occasions, the content of the particles in the air changes in a range of 0.25-50mg/m3.The particles diameter is 5-100 micron. The air filter is the air compressor’s first protection in “air suction – air inlet” open system. It is required to remove all the harmful dusts, particles and foreign matters and prevent them entering into the air compressor to damage the machine and assistance system (such as oil-gas filter elements, oil filter, lubricating oil) performance and working life. So the air filter is the essential key protection parts of the air compressor. 

Bad air filter performance will results in the dusts entering the air compressor system directly , wearing the machine and influencing the assistance parts badly.  

1.The dusts results in the jam of the high precision filter and oil-gas separation filter in short time, increasing the loss of the air compressor and consumption of power, reducing the working time of the high precision filter and oil-gas separation filter.

2.Parts of the dusts enter into the oil, so the oil with dusts will reduce the working life of the oil and oil filter.

3.With the prevail of the screw air compressor, Coolworks Filter introduces the advance technology to be the professional air compressor three-step filter manufacture in China.