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New official website

After a month of intense preparation and production, COOLWORKS's new official website is finally meeting you. As the company continues to grow and develop and the number of product categories continues to increase, the original website has gradually failed to meet the company's strength. Under this circumstance, we have made a major revision of the old website, and finally presented it to everyone in the new face. It also represents a qualitative leap in the strength of the company. The members of the company will welcome the future with a new spirit.

1. The new website has been optimized and adjusted on the basis of the original. A new search bar has been added to make it easier for visitors to find the corresponding part number product faster and more accurately.



2. At present, the products on the new website are limited, and the products will be updated continuously in the future. Finally, the products of each specification number will be online and will be entered into the formal.


3. The website joins a new direct communication method. Any visitor who has any questions about the product can directly communicate with our customer service staff via Skype.


4. At the same time, you can also contact us by the following way:

And the address of our company, welcome international friends to visit the factory.

It is the wish of all COOLWORKS members to provide you with timely assistance. We hope to communicate and communicate with you through such a platform, and we look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions. When you need it, COOLWORKS will always be here waiting for you.