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Replacement of Air compressor Oil Separator

Oil Separator Replacement method

When the oil consumption of the air compressor is greatly increased, check whether the oil filters and pipelines, oil return pipes, etc. are blocked and cleaned. When the oil consumption is still large, the general oil separator has deteriorated and needs to be replaced in time; The pressure difference between the two ends of the oil and air separation filter element should be replaced when the pressure difference reaches 0.15MPA; when the pressure difference is 0, it indicates that the filter element is faulty or the air flow has been shorted, and the filter element is also replaced at this time. The general replacement time is 3000 ~ 4000 hours. If the environment is poor, its use time will be shortened.


The replacement steps are as follows:

External models

The external model is relatively simple. Shut down the air compressor, close the air pressure outlet, open the drain valve, and remove the old oil separator after replacing the new oil separator after confirming that the system has no pressure.

1202834300 Atlas Copco Replacement Oil Separator

Built-in models

Follow these steps to properly replace the oil separator:

1. Shut down the air compressor, close the air outlet, open the drain valve, and confirm that there is no pressure in the system.

2. Disassemble the pipeline above the oil and gas barrel, and at the same time remove the pipeline from the pressure maintenance valve outlet to the cooler.

3. Remove the oil return pipe.

4. Remove the fixing bolt of the cover on the oil and gas barrel, and remove the upper cover of the barrel.

5. Remove the oil separator and replace it with a new one.

6. Install in reverse order of disassembly.



When installing the oil return pipe, it must be ensured that the pipe is inserted into the bottom of the filter element. When replacing the oil separator, pay attention to the electrostatic discharge, and connect the inner metal mesh with the oil barrel shell. About 5 staples can be nailed on the upper and lower pads, and stapled to prevent the accumulation of static electricity to ignite and explode. It is necessary to prevent dirty products from falling into the oil barrel to avoid affecting the operation of the compressor.