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Analysis of the Reasons of Oil Separator Failure.

Analysis of the Reasons of Oil Separator Failure(Part 1)


Question 01: High oil-content compressed air

1. Unreasonable design or selection of the oil separator tank.

2. Adding too much oil or high oil temperature.

3. Large gas consumption, overload working in low pressure or lower the pressure than normal.

4. Blocking in the oil returning system.

5. Damage of returning check valve.

6. Wrong installation of the oil returning pipe.

7. Failure of min pressure valve.

8. Using the unqualified oil.

9. Using the unmatched oil separator filters.


Question 02: Reason of large pressure difference

1. Failure of the sensor for the pressure difference or damage of pressure gauge

2. The air compressor environment is polluted.

3. Quality problem of the oil filter, air filter and oil.

4. No change of the oil for long time, using the dirty oil.

5. Poor sealing of the pipe between air filter and air inlet.

6. When the air compressor works in low temperature, it makes the moisture retention which results in high resistance of the oil separator filters.

7. Damp material of the filter for long time storage.

8. Using the wrong models filter or filters with quality problem.