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Analysis of the Reasons of Oil Separator Failure(Part 2)

      Analysis of the Reasons of Oil Separator Failure(Part 2)


Question 03: Reason of rupture filter

1. Wrong way to start the air compressor.

2. The supporting net can't afford the high pressure difference.

3. Damage of min pressure valve.

4. There is barometric pulse when the air compressor works.

5. Unreasonable design of the oil separator tank.


Question 04: Reason of burnt filter

1. Failure of the oil system. The lack of oil in the machine results in instantaneous high temperature which can burn the filter media.

2. There are some combustible (such as paper, synthetic fiber, cotton cloth and combustible gas ) in the machine. If the machine is new or repaired just now, the foreign matters enter into the machine and burnt in the compression head and fire the filter in the oil-air tank.

3. Disconnection of the electrostatic conducting system. When the air compressor is working, the electrostatic in the machine can't be conducted in time results in the fire to burn the filter elements.

4. Oil quality problem. The poor oxidation resistance results in carbon deposition and fat lute on the pipes of the machine. The impurity produces the open flame probably in the air compressor to burn the filter in the oil-air tank.

5. Fire of the circuit or open fire in the environment enters into the machine from the air inlet to burn the filter.